January 4th 2022 Schrodinger takes over BSC

Meet Schrodinger aka Elon Musk's pet cat. The coolest cat on the block. Probably the richest.. In character.

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About Schrodinger

Schrodinger is about marrying Excellent marketing with ultra-low taxes.

To some they are companions.. To others, a neighbourhood scavenger. Revered by many and despised by a few. Cats are the opus of the animal kingdom. Now, about me. Elon is my pops and I'm about to change BSC.

Baki Hanmahit

Founder & CEO

Aaron Sasuke

Lead Developer

Jay Hiroshi

Strategy & Admin

Schrodingers Tokenomics

9% Tax on both Buys/Sells. That's it.

We researched plenty of projects - and - all those other beasts are great, but the tax is high. We chose 9% to represent the 9 lives of a cat. Meow!

6% Marketing

This will fund our exceptional marketing campaign to feed our Schrodinger.

3% Liquidity

All the healthiest of projects require for a good liquidity. Let's dive right in!

Schrodingers Plans


Ideation and Rollout

After inception, the brand identity was created.


Investment Group

Congregated an investment group that will be the back-bone to the project's marketing and community-building.


Private Sale

Onboarding trusted investors and key figures of influence - in the crypto community - to provide initial funding.


Purrfect Marketing & Presale

Aggressive rollout of marketing to pinpoint investors that will resonate with the projects values. Execute the presale.


Launch is a Cat Walk

Deploy cat-like antibot measures. Launch as smooth as an A-list model on a catwalk.


Expedite Listings

Amongst other big marketing moves, listings will be expedited


Utility Reveal

Sometimes it's best to hold your cards until you're sure that your hand is a winner.


Elon Gets a Painting

More info shall be revealed as the project progresses.

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